3 Advantages and Disadvantages of Being a Vegan on Valentine’s Day

Being a vegan can be really rough on some days, but this will be my first Valentine’s Day spent as a vegan. Typically I’m not huge into celebrating Valentine’s Day, but I was pondering what I should write my next blog on and Valentine’s Day popped into my head! The holiday full of love and butterfly kisses. I was thinking about what my family typically sends me in a little care package since we can’t physically be together on that day, and I realized that they aren’t going to be able to send me my typical gifts of chocolates and other assorted candies. I felt sad for a brief moment until I remembered that I love being a vegan and there are so many advantages to it! I decided to list some things that make being vegan an advantage during this chocolate holiday and I came up with 3 major things:

vegan valentine

1) It makes your loved ones think a little harder about what to get you

One reason I dislike Valentine’s Day is because it feels so forced and insincere. I really love gifts that have thought put into them and I love giving gifts that mean something special. Valentine’s Day is all about the roses, chocolate boxes, and stuffed animals. As a vegan this kind of eliminates a “stereotypical” present. Chocolates are made with milk (which isn’t vegan). Being vegan means having people think harder about the presents they give you. I’m not saying us vegans are high-maintenance (well, maybe some of us are), but it’s nice to know that a little thought went into a gift that has been chosen for you. I think I can speak for everyone when I say that a thoughtful gift is the best kind of gift. A card from Target will suit me perfectly, as long as I know you spent time looking for this card and decided it reminded you of me. That’s all us vegans want, is to know we are appreciated and loved.

2) You can make a home-cooked vegan meal for dinner

Unless your family, friends, or SO are vegans, or extremely understanding, you probably don’t get to cook a lot of vegan meals for them. You probably make a separate meal for yourself to make sure you can eat the rest of the year. (We actually like this, cooking is fun and I feel empowered when I get to cook for myself as a vegan. Not complaining.) But because Valentine’s Day is typically shared with someone you love, you will probably want to eat a meal together. This gives you the opportunity to cook a meal for your friends, family, or SO! Or maybe they will even want to surprise you and cook for you to show you they love you and support you! Either way, this is the perfect time to eat a vegan meal together that you prepared instead of going out to a restaurant. (Cause let’s be real, it’s really hard to eat out as a vegan. There are a lot of temptations and not all restaurants are accommodating. Shout out to the vegan eateries in the world!)

3) You get to spend your money on something more memorable

Since you probably won’t be going out to dinner, you can spend your money on something more fun and memorable. Branch out a little! Go on a picnic, go ice skating, go to a museum, go to an amusement park, go to the beach (if you live in a warm state like I do), go exploring downtown, go on a hike, etc. There are endless possibilities for the experiences you can have when you decide to not eat out. People eat out a lot, and since it’s hard for a vegan, you get to focus your time and energy on things that are more memorable; things that you’ll enjoy looking back on when you’re 80 and sitting in your rocking chair on the front porch.

Now that I’ve discussed the advantages of being vegan on Valentine’s Day, let’s go into the disadvantages of being vegan on Valentine’s Day (and basically year round, but these are lovey-dovey things):

1) No chocolate strawberries

Scratch that. No chocolate anything. Sure, vegans can probably find a milkless chocolate or even settle for dark chocolate, but strawberries taste bomb with delicious milk chocolate coating them. Or even white chocolate. Maybe you like your strawberries dipped and decorated to look like a little tuxedo, but too bad because you can’t have it because you’re vegan.

2) You can’t go on a “stereotypical” Valentine’s Day date

By stereotypical I mean dinner in a restaurant, particularly an Italian restaurant. Something about the Italian restaurants that’s so romantic. They have delicious wine and dishes that make you feel like a balloon once you’ve licked your plate clean. But guess what? Noodles have egg in them, and the sauce you love has cream and cheese in it. So you can’t.

3) No cheese and wine

My roommate actually mentioned this to me. It’s one of her and her boyfriend’s things that they do on Valentine’s Day together. Then I realized, a lot of people probably do this. Vegans are missing out. “No cheese for me, thank you, just give me the bottle of wine.” *chugs entire bottle to forget that you can’t have cheese*

In all honesty, being vegan is amazing. Being vegan does so many beneficial things for your body and for the world. Being a vegan saves over 100 animal lives per year. Being vegan helps feed other people by not supporting the amount of water and grain it takes to feed 1 pound of cow meat. In addition to that, being vegan saves water, therefore saving the planet. Being vegan means leaving a smaller carbon footprint. No matter how many disadvantages I could list about being a vegan on Valentine’s Day (or even year round) it will never compare to the advantages of saving lives and helping the planet be a better place.

Are you a vegan? Are there any advantages or disadvantages of being a vegan during holidays or in general? Would you ever consider being a vegan if you aren’t? Leave your questions and comments!


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Mary Smith is a final year English Literature major student at the University of Redlands. Her passion for healthy living motivated her transition from vegetarian to vegan which inspires her writings. Mary's articles cover her motivations and recipes for healthy living, passions for yoga, mediation and some of the joys and struggles in transitioning to a healthy lifestyle.

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