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  • Have your health and eat meat too
    Barbecued, stir-fried or roasted, there's no doubt that Aussies love their meat. Consuming on average nearly 100 kilograms of meat per person per year, Australians are among the top meat consumers worldwide. But with statistics showing that most Australians suffer from a poor diet, and red meat production adding to... Read more »
  • Even light alcohol consumption linked to higher cancer risk in Japan
    In a new study conducted in Japan, even light to moderate alcohol consumption was associated with elevated cancer risks. ... Read more »
  • 'Safety signals' may help slow down anxiety
    For as many as one in three people, life events or situations that pose no real danger can spark a disabling fear, a hallmark of anxiety and stress-related disorders. Researchers at Yale University and Weill Cornell Medicine report on a novel way that could help combat such anxiety. In humans... Read more »
  • New bone healing mechanism has potential therapeutic applications
    A new mechanism that contributes to adult bone maintenance and repair opens the possibility of developing therapeutic strategies for improving bone healing. ... Read more »
  • Researcher designs headphones that warn pedestrians of dangers
    To counter a growing public safety concern, researchers are designing an intelligent headphone system that warns pedestrians of imminent dangers. ... Read more »
  • Community characteristics shape climate change discussions after extreme weather
    Political affiliations, the presence of local environmental organizations and prior local media coverage of climate change play a role in how a community reacts to an extreme weather event, according to new research. ... Read more »
  • Study reveals increased cannabis use in individuals with depression
    New findings reveal the prevalence of cannabis, or marijuana, use in the United States increased from 2005 to 2017 among persons with and without depression and was approximately twice as common among those with depression in 2017. ... Read more »
  • Aspirin's health benefits under scrutiny
    Taking a baby aspirin every day to prevent a heart attack or stroke should no longer be recommended to patients who haven't already experienced one of these events, new research suggests. ... Read more »
  • Identification of a key protein linked to aging
    Aging is a dramatic public health issue in the face of the current demographic changes: the proportion of 60 and over in the world's population will almost double by 2050. In this context, a new discovery has just broadened scientific knowledge. Researchers shed light on the mechanisms of senescence, by... Read more »
  • RNA modification: Methylation and mopping up
    Researchers have discovered a novel type of chemical modification in bacterial RNAs. The modification is apparently attached to molecules only when cells are under stress, and is rapidly removed during recovery. ... Read more »

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