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  • So, you think you're good at remembering faces, but terrible with names?
    The cringe-worthy experience of not being able to remember an acquaintance's name leads many of us to believe we are terrible with names. However, new research has revealed this intuition is misleading; we are actually better at remembering names than faces. ... Read more »
  • Pain can be a self-fulfilling prophecy
    A new brain imaging study of 34 people found that when people expect to feel intense pain, they do, even if they aren't subjected to painful stimuli. Surprisingly, these false expectations can persist even when reality demonstrates otherwise, the study found. ... Read more »
  • If your diet fails, try again; your heart will thank you
    Risk factors for cardiovascular disease closely track with changes in eating patterns, even only after a month or so. ... Read more »
  • Synthetic DNA-delivered antibodies protect against Ebola in preclinical studies
    Scientists have successfully engineered novel DNA-encoded monoclonal antibodies (DMAbs) targeting Zaire Ebolavirus that were effective in preclinical models. Study results showed that DMAbs were expressed over a wide window of time and offered complete and long-term protection against lethal virus challenges. DMAbs may also provide a novel powerful platform for... Read more »
  • Your heart hates air pollution; portable filters could help
    The fifth-leading risk factor for mortality worldwide, air pollution presents a major heart health risk. A simple intervention could help people breathe easier at home. ... Read more »
  • Hands-only CPR training kiosks can increase bystander intervention, improve survival
    Hands-Only CPR training kiosks are becoming more widespread and are an effective training tool, a new analysis finds. ... Read more »
  • New methods to identify Alzheimer's drug candidates with anti-aging properties
    Old age is the greatest risk factor for many diseases, including Alzheimer's disease (AD) and cancer. Geroprotectors are a recently identified class of anti-aging compounds. New research has now identified a unique subclass of these compounds, dubbed geroneuroprotectors (GNPs), which are AD drug candidates and slow the aging process in... Read more »
  • Why your number of romantic partners mirrors your mother
    A new national study shows that people whose mothers had more partners -- married or cohabiting -- often follow the same path. Results suggest that mothers may pass on personality traits and relationship skills that make their children more or less likely to form stable relationships. ... Read more »
  • Weightlifting is good for your heart and it doesn't take much
    Lifting weights for less than an hour a week may reduce your risk for a heart attack or stroke by 40 to 70 percent, according to a new study. Spending more than an hour in the weight room did not yield any additional benefit, the researchers found. The results show... Read more »
  • 'Waltzing' nanoparticles could advance search for better drug delivery methods
    Scientists paired drug-delivering nanoparticles like dance partners to reveal that molecules attach to targets on cells differently based upon their position in time. The discovery could improve methods for screening drugs for therapeutic effectiveness. ... Read more »

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