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  • Researchers explore psychological effects of climate change
    While some people have little anxiety about the Earth's changing climate, others are experiencing high levels of stress, and even depression, based on their perception of the threat of global climate change, researchers found. Psychological responses to climate change seem to vary based on what type of concern people show... Read more »
  • Prospective birth control pill for men has its origin in an arrow poison
    Women have many options for oral contraceptives that are safe, effective and reversible, but despite decades of research, men have none. Now, scientists report a rat study that shows they finally have a good lead for a male birth control pill. It's based on ouabain, a plant extract that African... Read more »
  • Why we keep difficult people in our lives
    Chances are someone in your life causes a lot of tension and stress. Difficult relationships are common and hard to evade. New research suggests that difficult people are likely to be found in contexts where people have less freedom to pick and choose their associates. Often it's family and co-workers... Read more »
  • Novel candidate for antidepressant treatment
    A recent article explores how a protein named CK2 could play a key role in the formulation of new antidepressants that work more efficiently and faster for more people. ... Read more »
  • Low fitness is associated with larger waist size and higher degree of inflammation
    Low fitness is associated with a larger waist size and a higher degree of inflammation, according to a new study. ... Read more »
  • New report calls into question effectiveness of pregnancy anti-nausea drug
    Previously unpublished information from the clinical trial that the US Food and Drug Administration relied on to approve the most commonly prescribed medicine for nausea in pregnancy indicates the drug is not effective, a new report says. ... Read more »
  • Nearly imperceptible fluctuations in movement correspond to autism diagnoses
    A new study provides the strongest evidence yet that nearly imperceptible changes in how people move can be used to diagnose neurodevelopmental disorders, including autism. ... Read more »
  • New research could significantly accelerate drug discovery
    Many drugs work by inhibiting protein enzymes associated with a particular disease. Unfortunately, the same drugs can inhibit protein enzymes unrelated to the disease, resulting in harmful side effects. A team of computational biologist has developed a way to identify the features that distinguish one enzyme from similar enzymes. This... Read more »
  • Better evidence needed on appropriate screen time for kids
    Much of the evidence for the negative effects of screen use in children and teenagers is not based on robust enough science. ... Read more »
  • New way to target the growth of breast cancer cells
    Researchers have found a new way of halting the growth of breast cancer cells. The researchers explored a new way to starve cancer cells from their molecular energy source. They hope that their discoveries can be further developed into a new way of treating breast cancer, and possibly other types... Read more »

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