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  • New research sheds light on potentially negative effects of cannabis
    Coughing fits, anxiety and paranoia are three of the most common adverse reactions to cannabis, according to a recent study. ... Read more »
  • Hidden messages in protein blueprints
    Scientists have identified a new control mechanism that enables stem cells to adapt their activity in emergency situations. For this purpose, the stem cells simultaneously modify the blueprints for hundreds of proteins encoded in the gene transcripts. In this way, they control the amount of protein produced and can also... Read more »
  • How we perceive close relationships with others determines our willingness to share food
    Researchers said a better understanding of the links between attachment and food could potentially help inform efforts to extend help to people during the current coronavirus pandemic -- particularly among people with high attachment avoidance. ... Read more »
  • Lessons from the Spanish flu: Early restrictions lowered disease, mortality rates
    A review of published data and analysis on the Spanish flu, found that cities that adopted early and broad isolation and prevention measures had disease and mortality rates that were 30% to 50% lower than other cities. ... Read more »
  • Air pollution linked to dementia and cardiovascular disease
    People continuously exposed to air pollution are at increased risk of dementia, especially if they also suffer from cardiovascular diseases, according to a new study. Therefore, patients with cardiovascular diseases who live in polluted environments may require additional support from care providers to prevent dementia, according to the researchers. ... Read more »
  • Extreme, high temperatures may double or triple heart-related deaths
    In Kuwait, a country known for hot weather, death certificates reveal that on days when the temperatures reached extremes of an average daily temperature of 109 degrees Fahrenheit, the number of deaths from cardiovascular disease dramatically increased. With unprecedentedly high temperatures, people living in inherently hot regions of the world... Read more »
  • How social media makes it difficult to identify real news
    There's a price to pay when you get your news and political information from the same place you find funny memes and cat pictures, new research suggests. The study found that people viewing a blend of news and entertainment on a social media site tended to pay less attention to... Read more »
  • A new way to study HIV's impact on the brain
    Using a newly developed laboratory model of three types of brain cells, scientists reveal how HIV infection -- as well as the drugs that treat it -- can take a toll on the central nervous system. ... Read more »
  • UK local authorities not ready for the number of deaths from Covid-19
    Even if fatality rates are at the lower end of expectations -- one percent of virus victims -- it is highly likely that death and bereavement services will be overwhelmed. ... Read more »
  • Gene mutation enhances cognitive flexibility in mice
    Researchers have discovered in mice what they believe is the first known genetic mutation to improve cognitive flexibility -- the ability to adapt to changing situations. ... Read more »

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