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  • Scientists unravel genetic basis of hypertrophic cardiomyopathy
    One third of hypertrophic cardiomyopathy cases in Finland are caused by one of the four major mutations, a new study shows. Overall, 40 percent of patients carried a specific or a likely mutation causing the disease, and 20 percent were carriers of a rare gene mutation whose role in the... Read more »
  • High IQs won't be enough to prevent ecological disasters
    High IQs aren't going to be enough to stop an ecological disaster. It's going to take social intelligence, too. That's the conclusion of a new study. ... Read more »
  • Scientists sharpen their molecular scissors and expand the gene editing toolbox
    Scientists have figured out a better way to deliver a DNA editing tool to shorten the presence of the editor proteins in the cells in what they describe as a 'hit and run' approach. ... Read more »
  • Older biologic age linked to elevated breast cancer risk
    Biologic age, a DNA-based estimate of a person's age, is associated with future development of breast cancer, according to scientists. Biologic age was determined by measuring DNA methylation, a chemical modification to DNA that is part of the normal aging process. For every five years a woman's biologic age was... Read more »
  • A 'joint' problem: Investigating marijuana and tobacco co-use
    A survey of marijuana and tobacco co-users investigators found that co-users with high degree of interrelatedness between their use of the two substances had greater tobacco dependence and smoked more cigarettes per day. However, the finding of a strong link between the two substances was not universal. These finding suggest... Read more »
  • Successful measurement of vitamin D in human hair
    A new study has reported for the first time that vitamin D can be measured in human hair. This is a major step forward in assessing vitamin D status, potentially one of the major innovations in vitamin D measurement. ... Read more »
  • Stopping inflammation from becoming chronic
    An international research team has developed a highly sensitive cell model to study the complex effects -- and side effects -- of anti-inflammatory drugs, with the ultimate aim of preventing chronic inflammation. ... Read more »
  • Split and continuous sleep in teens impact cognition and glucose levels differently
    Under conditions of insufficient sleep, effects on cognitive performance and morning glucose levels vary depending on how sleep is distributed. ... Read more »
  • How diabetes causes muscle loss
    Diabetes is associated with various health problems including decline in skeletal muscle mass. A research group revealed that elevation of blood sugar levels leads to muscle atrophy and that two proteins play key roles in this phenomenon. ... Read more »
  • Halving the global impact of snakebite
    New strategy aims to ensure safe, effective and affordable treatment for all; empower communities at all levels to take proactive action; strengthen health systems to deliver better outcomes; build a global coalition of partners to coordinate action and mobilise resources. ... Read more »

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