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  • How an AI solution can design new tuberculosis drug regimens
    With a shortage of new tuberculosis drugs in the pipeline, a software tool can predict how current drugs--including unlikely candidates -- can be combined in new ways to create more effective treatments. ... Read more »
  • Diet pills, laxatives used for weight control linked with later eating disorder diagnosis
    Among young women without an eating disorder diagnosis, those who use diet pills and laxatives for weight control had higher odds of receiving a subsequent first eating disorder diagnosis within one to three years than those who did not report using these products. ... Read more »
  • Some hyper-realistic masks more believable than human faces, study suggests
    Researchers asked participants to look at pairs of photographs and decide which showed a normal face and which showed a person wearing a mask. Surprisingly, participants made the wrong call in one in five cases. ... Read more »
  • Fighting opioids with an unlikely supplemental painkiller: Anti-itch medicine
    Researchers are investigating whether an anti-itch medication that targets a specific part of our nerve cells can make morphine -- which targets a different part--more effective. The findings suggest it can. ... Read more »
  • Germ-free lungs of newborn mice are partially protected against hyperoxia
    Researchers have used a novel and first-of-its-kind newborn mouse model to study the effect of high oxygen concentrations, or hyperoxia, on lung development of newborn mice that are germ-free -- meaning no microbes colonizing their lungs. Their goal is to learn how differences in the types of microbes that already... Read more »
  • Genetic studies reveal how rat lungworm evolves
    Rat lungworm is a parasitic disease, spread through contaminated food, which affects the brain and spinal cord. Now, researchers report that a detail analysis of the genetics of the rat lungworm parasite -- Angiostrongylus cantonensis -- reveal signatures of adaptive evolution that have let the parasite survive and may serve... Read more »
  • Who is left behind in Mass Drug Administration?
    Ensuring equity in the prevention of neglected tropical diseases (NTDs) is critical to reach NTD elimination goals as well as to inform Universal Health Coverage (UHC). Now, researchers have unmasked inequities in the delivery of Mass Drug Administration (MDA) programs that leave vulnerable populations underserved. ... Read more »
  • Brain biomarker predicts compulsive drinking
    Although alcohol use is ubiquitous in modern society, only a portion of individuals develop alcohol use disorders or addiction. Yet, scientists have not understood why some individuals are prone to develop drinking problems, while others are not. Now, researchers have discovered a brain circuit that controls alcohol drinking behavior in... Read more »
  • Online reviews reveal need for specialized drug treatment facility assessments
    With no national standard to measure drug treatment facilities, new research reveals opportunities to learn from patients to help create metrics. ... Read more »
  • Non-coding DNA located outside chromosomes may help drive glioblastoma
    According to a new study, extra DNA scooped up and copied alongside cancer-causing genes helps keep tumors going -- elements that could represent new drug targets for brain tumors and other cancers notoriously difficult to treat. ... Read more »

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