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  • Mass treatment with azithromycin may decrease yaws cases in Ghana
    A single round of total-community treatment (TCT) with the antibiotic azithromycin applied to affected rural communities could significantly decrease yaws among the population one year later, according to a new study. ... Read more »
  • Mysterious skeleton shows molecular complexity of bone diseases
    A bizarre human skeleton, once rumored to have extraterrestrial origins, has gotten a rather comprehensive genomic work-up, the results of which are now in. ... Read more »
  • Kids from wealthier families feel more control over their lives
    Sociologists examined which measures of socioeconomic status -- parents' education, family income, race and parents' occupation -- have the greatest influence over a child's locus of control and why. ... Read more »
  • Being hungry shuts off perception of chronic pain
    Finding food is a necessary survival skill, but so is avoiding pain. Research using mice showed that being hungry activates a neural pathway that inhibits the perception of and response to chronic pain. The findings offer up new targets for treating pain. ... Read more »
  • Probing RNA epigenetics and chromatin structures to predict drug resistance in leukemia
    A research team has begun to unravel the role of RNA epigenetics and chromatin structure in the regulation of 5-azacytidine, a DNA hypomethylating agent in certain leukemias. The results could lead to novel strategies and biomarkers that could reduce the risk of drug resistance. ... Read more »
  • Advanced vaccines could limit future outbreaks, scientists say
    Novel vaccine technologies are critical to improving the public health response to infectious disease threats that continually emerge and re-emerge, according to scientists. In a new article, experts highlight innovations that could significantly shorten the typical decades-long vaccine development timeline. ... Read more »
  • How reciprocity can magnify inequality
    People tend to reciprocate others' actions in ways that increase disparities in wealth, according to new findings. In a series of studies, researchers find that people may see kindness through wealth-tinted glasses, repaying the most to those who need it the least. ... Read more »
  • Novel genomics tool enables more accurate identification of rare mutations in cancer cells
    A new computational method allows scientists to identify rare gene mutations in cancer cells with greater accuracy and sensitivity than currently available approaches. The technique is called Lancet and represents a major advance in the identification of tumor cell mutations, a process known as somatic variant calling. ... Read more »
  • Stopping exercise can increase symptoms of depression
    Stopping exercise can result in increased depressive symptoms, according to new mental health research. ... Read more »
  • Targeting immune cells to slow progression of ALS
    New research into Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) - also known as motor neuron disease - shows that specific immune cells may help slow progression of the disease, an important step towards developing new therapies to treat patients. ... Read more »

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